Born of the sea and the sun

From the tasting of our unique oysters to a wellness break, our desire is to make you live an unforgettable experience. In the heart of the Thau lagoon, our family has cultivated a spirit of innovation and excellence for three generations. I invite you to enter the house that gave birth to the Tarbouriech® Special Oyster, invented the Solar Tide and created the Ostreatherapy®.


Marseillan en Occitanie, berceau de la Maison Tarbouriech
De la conchyculture à l’écotourisme

Discover the oyster farming, the production of oysters, with in particular the pink oysters, the Tarbouriech specials bred with the Marée solaire®.

Innovation at the heart of Tarbouriech's development

It was in 2006, with the invention of the Marée Solaire®, that the company took a step forward. This patented, environmentally-friendly, energy-independent process, which can be controlled remotely, recreates the phenomenon of the tides and produces a top-quality oyster: the Spéciale Tarbouriech.

From then on, the Mediterranean oyster has been invited to the tables of top chefs, winning over Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse, Anne-Sophie Pic, Gilles Goujon, Prunier and others...


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