Olmeda Origenes

Olmeda Origenes

Exceptional gastronomy
reflecting the bounty
of our land…

… of old days and nowadays towns, of our world-wide history, of our mediterranean culture and of the passion for travelling and shouting to the world our vocation for service and enthusiasm for what we do.

Olmeda Origenes from the countryside…. the rustic countryside

We are good country folk who put a lot of effort and care into making our products. Our aim is to bring the best of Spanish cuisine to our clients from all over the world. Olmeda Origenes is a genuine Spanish brand which has inherited the natural and artisan flavours of Spanish food tradition. Our dedicated team provides you with nothing but the best customer service.

Strong business and personal ethics are a core value of Olmeda Origenes and our relationship with suppliers and importers is based on loyalty, honesty and mutual generosity.

We are also committed to preserving Spanish rural areas, their environment and support sustainable growth.
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