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Chilled Gamonedo Blue Cheese Appellation Of Origin Asturias

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Gamonedo Cheese D.O.

Left to age for three months in natural caves in Asturias, this cheese is a unique piece of our gastronomy. This blue cheese, together with Cabrales cheese, is one of the most traditional cheeses of Picos de Europa Mountains, with Denomination of Origin.

This cheese comes from a blend of raw milks from cow, goat and sheep. Manually molded, it is then smoked and left to age from 3 to 4 months. The presence of fungal species in the natural caves of this region gives the rind a characteristic color, with blue steaks inside. This excellent Gamonedo cheese has a semi-hard texture with an intense smoked aroma, banana nuances and a slightly spicy flavou

Smoked Idiazábal Cheese Olmeda Origenes from Arizkun Navarra. Made from the Latxa sheep’s milk, it is straw-coloured with an intense but mild aroma. The flavour of our Smoked Idiazabal Cheese is profound, wide and full with a touch of herbs and pasture with an aftertaste reminiscent of hay. Origin: Arizkum, Valle de Baztán, Navarra. Curing period: 5 months minimum.


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Blue cheese

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