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Pitted Kalamata Olives In Olive Oil

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The Kalios brand (a contraction of Kalamata and Ilios, or sun) was founded in Greece by the Chantzios brothers, and seeks to select the best of Greek produce. Family olive oil production has been established in the Kalamata region for over 300 years; to compliment this foundation, the company has also selected a range of extra virgin olive oils, working in partnership with the renowned chefs who are among their customers. All these oils are produced using Koroneiki olives exclusively; each one represents a different stage in the harvest, giving the oil a unique and distinctive flavour profile. What all these oils do have in common, however, is an incredible 0.3% acidity level - well below the 0.8% required for a standard extra virgin olive oil. The glass packaging materials used are recycled and recyclable, a testament to the company's eco-friendly approach. The Kalios range is growing constantly, producing both Kalamata and green olives as well as olive purees and dried bunches of wild mountain herbs.

Made in Greece - Region Crète

Dry Weight : 2 kg


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