Berries Pink Peppercorn 粉紅胡椒

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Discovered in South America, this fake pepper plant was brought to Madagascar in the 19th century.

Crushed or used whole these pink berries, with their resinous fragrance, are perfect with salmon, foie gras, carrot soup and courgette tagliatelle.


Pink pepper or pink berry originally comes from Reunion Island. The pink berry was known in the 17th century as the "Bourbon pepper" as it was grown on the Reunion Island which at the time was called "île Bourbon".  These berries, orginally from Madagascar, are the fruit of the Schinus terebinthifolia and have a sweet yet slightly peppery flavour. The berries are sorted by the expert hands of the local Malgash women. Only those berries which are red and fully ripe are selected for their strong aromatic flavour.


Pink berries are also grown on Reunion Island, in Peru, New Caledonia, South Africa and Brazil.


Crush them gently between your fingers to release their vegetable notes of coriander and burnt juniper and sprinkle over your dishes just before serving. Pink berries have a soft texture with slightly bitter and woody flavours.


Perfect with marinated salmon, poached fish, white asparagus and goat's cheese.


Ideal for enhancing marinades for fish and poultry !


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