Cumin Powder 孜然粉

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Cumin was grown around the Mediterranean before to conquer China and India. Its warm flavour, sweet and bitter with bread, cheese, meat and even an orange salad. Excellent roasted and crushed.


Originally from the Middle East, cumin has appeared as a smoking spice or to prepare food. He is of the same family as parsley. Cumin represents the fruit of the plant. Before maturity, he is given cuts its stems and bunches. Suspended a few days, then beaten like wheat, fruit harvested are dried in the sun. Its bitter but warm taste, slightly sweet, and its very strong aroma, make this spice a note dominant in your preparations. The cumin will give the tone of a chili con carne, a sauerkraut, a lamb parmentier. It will surprise in a salad of oranges, and in the traditional hummus.


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