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Balsamic vinegar in barrique “ruby quality” (3-6 yr aged) 意大利陳年醋"銀蓋紅寶石"

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3 Year’s barriquea aging with a rich variety of aromas. Just a touch on hot meat or fish dishes makes a gourmet delight

Italian MONARI FEDERZONI aged vinegar is produced in Modena and only uses grapes from Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana, Ancellotta, Fortana and Montu Selected varieties of Montuni. Fermented, cooked grapes, and added wine vinegar. The products are produced through rigorous procedures. MONARI FEDERZONI's aged vinegar has its own unique flavor and has passed strict tests to capture the fragrance of Modena Certification of vinegar. After the grapes are mature, they are vinegared in wooden barrels for 3 years. The vinegared grapes taste bitter and sweet, dark brown in color, and have a delicate and long-lasting taste with a slight aroma of acetate wood. Suitable for meat and fish dishes.


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