Black IGP Kampot pepper 黑布胡椒

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Black IGP Kampot pepper

A pepper with fruity and menthol notes

Pounded in a mortar, black Kampot pepper releases notes that are both fruity and minty. To crush on all your dishes for a daily refinement. This black pepper grand cru goes well with a mint sorbet, stuffed guinea fowl, red meat or game.

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In which dishes can Kampot black pepper be used?

Kampot black pepper is a great vintage pepper. Its empyreumatic notes are unique and recognizable. In the Terre Exotique team, black Kampot pepper is a pepper that we particularly like for its incomparable flavors.

How to use Kampot black pepper?

Our recipe ideas for using Kampot black pepper in your kitchen:

·          sautéed crab with black Kampot pepper: in a wok, fry an onion with Chinese chives and 150 g of black Kampot pepper (find the complete recipe below);

·          peppermint sorbet: add ½ teaspoon of black Kampot pepper to your sorbet;

·          Roasted vegetables with black Kampot pepper: place your vegetables in an ovenproof dish and add two turns of the black Kampot pepper mill then bake for 35 minutes at 180°C;

·          purple velouté with black Kampot pepper: before serving, sprinkle your purple cauliflower soup with crushed black Kampot pepper;

·          shrimp salad with black Kampot pepper: accompany your shrimp with a lime sauce, Kampot pepper;

Very aromatic pepper with fruit notes

This pepper with fruity minty notes delivers complex scents of green apples and pears supported by delicate fragrances of eucalyptus.

On the palate, it has a moderately spicy flavor strongly marked by powerful notes of camphor and peppermint.

The botanical particularities of Kampot pepper

The grand crus of pepper are generally characteristic of a particular origin and terroir. In Cambodia, one of the best wines is that of Kampot: it is a black pepper with a powerful, spicy nose and floral notes.

Kampot black pepper is what is called in botany, a Piper nigrum. It is the fruit of a climbing vine of the Piperaceae family. It grows on a tree with both rough and cracked bark, which facilitates its ascent, which can reach up to four meters in height.

Piper nigrum requires a tropical climate with strong heat and humidity as well as alternating shade/light to develop well. Post-harvesting manipulations give the pepper its final color and flavors.

Kampot black pepper is harvested and sorted by hand and then dried in the sun. It comes from Kampot province and Kep in Cambodia.

What is the difference between white, black and green peppers?

The real difference is the maturity at which the pepper is harvested. Indeed, a green pepper is a pepper harvested before maturity, the notes will be fresh and lemony. Regarding black pepper, it is picked just when ripe and then dried in the sun. Its aromas will be pungent and full-bodied. Finally, the white pepper is picked at optimum maturity, its pericardium is removed by retting and then dried in the sun.

The history of Kampot black pepper

Kampot black pepper is harvested and sorted by hand and then dried in the sun. It comes from Kampot province and Kep in Cambodia.

Kampot pepper dates from the kingdom of Angkor. There are indeed written traces of it in the travelogues of the Chinese explorer Tcheou Ta Kouanau in the 13th century …

It was Chinese immigrants from the Hainan region who introduced pepper to Kampot. They were already growing pepper in China. It was during the colonial period that Kampot pepper reached its peak and became a first-class import commodity. From 1975, the Khmer Rouge reduced its production to nothing to replace it with rice. It is only 30 years later that a few families of planters give new life to this Kampot pepper.

In 2009, Kampot pepper became the first Cambodian product to benefit from a geographically protected indication (PGI). Cambodian producers are getting help from the union of French producers of Espelette pepper, in order to obtain the PGI from the AFD (Agence Française de Développement). The implementation of the PGI has made it possible to multiply by 10 the income of Kampot pepper producers. This illustrates a good example of solidarity between producers at the international level.


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INGREDIENT: Kampot black pepper





INGREDIENTS: black PGI Kampot pepper


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