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Whole Ceps 4/6 cm (Boletus Edulis) 急凍原隻牛肝菌

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Porcini Mushrooms, scientific name, Boletus edulis are also known as king bolete, penny bun, wild bolete, bolet comestible, cep, cèpe de bordeaux, champignon polonais and stone mushroom. The common name, bolete refers to 37 known boletus varieties, of which the Porcini mushroom is considered "King". Thus, the Italian porcini has the highest market value but all species are preserved in dried form and maintain their robust woodsy aromas and meaty qualities when reconstitute

Dried Porcini mushrooms are typically rust to dark brown in color, strong flavored with a rich buttery perfume that immediately lets you know they are present. If their aroma isn't enough identification, they will still have their umbrella shaped caps on their meaty stems that have been curled by the drying process.

Reconstitute dried Porcini mushrooms in warm water or stock for roughly twenty minutes. Squeeze out excess liquid gently and strain off the concentrated mushroom water. Save and chill the water for later use as a sauce or stock base. Add to fresh pastas, rice and meat stews. Pair with dried fruits, fresh herbs, fresh cow and sheep's milk cheeses and cured meats.


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