Violette de Solliès - Fig (Medium)

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This is a dark purple fig that is grown extensively in the south of France. It has a regional name “Noire de Caromb” and a yearly fig festival, in July, in the village of Caromb in Provence, France. You can see photos of Caromb from when Mari and I were there while on one of our trips to France. Please see our “Caromb, Province-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France” tab.

The popularity of this fig is so great an organization was formed “Confrérie de la Figue Longue Noire Caromb” (Brotherhood of the long black figs of Caromb) to promote the producers, to organize and participate in promotional events, and to provide a network of fig brotherhoods in France.

The first crop, in July, is a larger fig that is long and dark red outside and red inside. The second crop, in September is more round and dark purple outside and red inside.

Noire de Caromb is a very sweet, juicy and fruity fig that is firm when it is ripe. We can see why demand often exceeds supply in France and why it is has such a following. It is an excellent fig that grows well for us here in New Jersey.

Other names : Argusela, Douqueira Negra, Perroquine

Origin: Baud


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