PGI Smoked White Penja Pepper

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PGI Smoked White Penja Pepper

The must-have for your mill! This white Penja pepper with animal notes and menthol aromas is exceptional in its character and flavor.

In 2014, it became the first Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) on the African continent. To crush on all your dishes for a daily refinement.

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A great vintage of pepper!


Penja white pepper is harvested when ripe and then dried in the sun in the province of Moungo. All stages of production (harvesting, retting, washing, drying, sorting) are entirely manual and mainly carried out by the expert hands of the women of the village. enja pepper today enjoys world-renowned gastronomic success. In 2014, it became the first Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) on the African continent.

Penja pepper is one of the last introductions of Piper nigrum outside its place of origin (India). The first pepper plants were planted in Penja in the 1930s by Mr. Decré, a banana planter.


The essential of your mortar!

The volcanic soils of Penja give the white Penja pepper fresh aromas of menthol and camphor. Crushed, it has a great length in the mouth.

Its animal notes go perfectly with a game dish, red meat, a fruit salad or a toast of Saint Maure. Just try it with oystersPenja black pepper, a grand cru from Piper Nigrum.

In Penja, the fertile land gives birth to an exceptional pepper. Black Penja pepper perfectly enhances goat cheese or meat with character thanks to its fruity and balsamic notes.

Where does Penja pepper come from?

Terre Exotique and Penja pepper, the beginning of a great adventure

It was during a trip to Cameroon in the 1990s that Erwann de Kerros discovered the famous Penja pepper. Freshly graduated, Erwann made his first experience there on a farm and developed a taste for pepper. It is therefore here, in Penja, that the Terre Exotique idea was born. Even now, every two years, Erwann de Kerros goes to the Penja farms to hear from the pepper plants, dear to his heart.

Penja pepper is therefore the very first pepper that Terre Exotique sold before expanding its range of peppers and spices.

What is the difference between white, black and green peppers?

The real difference is the maturity at which the pepper is harvested. Indeed, a green pepper is a pepper harvested before maturity, the notes will be fresh and lemony. Regarding black pepper, it is picked just before its maturity and then dried in the sun. Its aromas will be pungent and full-bodied. Finally, the white pepper is picked when it is optimally ripe, it is dried and then its pericardium is removed.

Penja pepper: a well-preserved traditional know-how

In 1930, Mr. Decré, a banana planter, started growing pepper by planting the first pepper plants in Penja.

The production of Penja pepper is only 18 tons per year. The production is artisanal, in fact, the harvest of this pepper is done by hand, the method of cleaning, drying and sorting of the peppercorns remains unchanged from generation to generation. This pepper is rare and precious with an exceptional taste.

Penja pepper now enjoys world-renowned gastronomic success! In 2014, it was the subject of the first Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) on the African continent. A real recognition for this precious pepper.


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INGREDIENT: Penja white pepper





INGREDIENTS: PGI white Penja pepper


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