Garam Masala Powder

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This mix originally comes from Northern India but is used nowadays throughout the entire country. It’s an essential ingredient of Indian cuisine

SHELF LIFE                           5 years

INGREDIENT                        Fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, green cardamom, coriander

NATIVE COUNTRY               France

INGREDIENTS 1                   fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel, black pepper, green cardamom, coriander

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In the 17th century, boats set sail from ports in Southern Brittany for the Indian trading posts and returned laden with their precious wares: silk, porcelain, spices… We have created our very own Breton curry powder. This spice mix whisks us back to the 17th century to the times of the East India Company. These hardy sailors from Saint-Malo, sailed the seas in search of the world's most exceptional spices…returning home to use them in their local seafood cuisine. Try our exclusive recipe! Rich in iodine, it is delicious with all your seafood dishes.


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