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Charolais beef tartare (with a knife)

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Vacuum packed 2x90g for 2 starters or 1 main course.

Origin: France
Packaging: 2 x 90g vacuum
-packed Raw / Frozen Product

This tartare is made with purebred meat that guarantees quality: Charolais. Its juicy and tasty meat has a low fat content. It was cut with a knife to preserve the texture of its flesh.

Ideal defrosting: 10 minutes at room temperature before use

In order to respect the quality of this Charolais knife tartare, a classic seasoning is recommended: a few shallots, parsley, capers, gherkins, a drizzle of oil , Worcestershire sauce and a few drops of tabasco.
Gently place an egg yolk on your tartare, a little fleur de sel, a turn of ground pepper, it's ready!

Puigrenier is a family business based in the Auvergne region. The company was established by Jean Puigrenier in1976

Puigrenier is the beef specialist and, at the heart of the Charolais cattle-rearing region, it is particularly a Charolais specialist. Puigrenier has been collaborating directly for more than 30 years with selected breeders, based on the transparency of breeds and origins, rearing practices, animal welfare, and respect for the environment.


Recognised for its excellence !’

The Charolais breed is sought after as much for the quality of its rearing as for its excellent meat.  It has become the best breed for beef production in the world!

The Charolais is a worldwide known suckler breed of beef cattle, it is a very tall and muscular beast. It is endowed with a beautiful white coat and weighs on average between 700 and 1,200 kgs.

The Charolais beef is vastly appreciated by connoisseurs for its extremely flavorsome meat which is tasty and tender.

The rich flavor of this beef comes from its diet, which is a vegetable diet based on pasture, forage, and cereal.



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