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Allaiton Lamb From Aveyron Back Leg (Gigot) 法國羊腿

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Long called the "hind leg," the leg is the hind leg of the lamb. It corresponds to the tende de slice and the rear heel of the beef. It can be baked whole or in pieces, or cut into slices for tasty grilling. The leg includes the heart of the leg (the French saddle, the upper part of the hip) and ends on the opposite side with the mouse, a piece of meat made up of the muscle that surrounds the bone, at the very end of the handle. The oval shape of this muscle explains the name “mouse”. Gelatinous, its flesh is particularly soft and has won many followers. As an option, at no extra cost, you can choose a presentation of the leg of lamb "shortened + heart of leg" or "roast + mouse" or "slices + mouse" or finally in pieces "nuts + steaks + mouse + heart of leg" ( see track presentations below *).


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Allaiton Lamb

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