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Inverted Sugar (Trimoline) 轉化糖漿

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Product description
The product is an inverted sugar syrup with a high dry substance. Through a special production process the product has been transformed in a soft, white paste.
This product has to be labelled as invert sugar syrup according to Council Directive 2001/111/EC of
20 December 2001 relating to certain sugars intended for human consumption.

Ingredients declaration
invert sugar syrup

Storage conditions, shelf life and the date of minimum durability
The product has to be stored dry and preferably at a temperature between 15 and 25 °C. Under these conditions and stored in the unopened, original packaging, the product can be kept for 12 months after production date. During storage a slight separation of syrup can be observed. This is a natural phenomenon. A perfect product can be obtained again by mixing this syrup with the solid phase.


Data sheet


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