Beekers Berries

Beekers Berries

Beekers = Berries = Summer

We are true nature lovers at Beekers Berries. We grow our strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries with a healthy dose of passion and respect for nature.

Every day, we get to work with a smile on our faces, casting an experienced eye over the crops and picking the most delicious soft fruit just for you. Naturally, we choose only the tastiest, most fragrant and most good-looking berries.

The result: a mouthful of summer, all year round! Or in other words, ‘Summer is here’ at Beekers Berries!

Beekers = Berries = Nature

From strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry to pineberry, strasberry and bubbleberry; every Beekers berry is a special one, and we’re proud of that! What else do they have in common? Of course, they’re extremely tasty, and each and every one of them is grown according to a concept developed and proven over the years, time and time again. What’s more, when it comes to our methods, we’re constantly re-evaluating and innovating.

Respect for nature is central to our cultivation concept. The bees from the local beekeeper are therefore welcome guests, as are the bumblebees. They pollinate and fertilise our flowers, allowing all this delicious soft fruit to develop. Unfortunately, not all insects are friends to our fruit. To ensure that these insects do no damage, we generally employ natural enemies as a means of organic pest control.

In short, at Beekers Berries we attach great value to the origins and integrity of our berries. It doesn’t matter to us that this sometimes requires extra effort and time. We are happy to pamper our products!

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