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Located in the spectacular environmental oasis of the Majella National Park, in Abruzzo, and founded in 1967, Delverde produces 130 different shapes of pasta, using traditional methods and the best raw materials, in what is known as the homeland of pasta worldwide. Fara San Martino.

The production philosophy of the Delverde pasta factory is reflected in the choice of the name, inspired by the waters of the Verde river that flow very pure from the slopes of the Majella right in front of the company.

This is precisely the added value of the Delverde pasta factory: only spring water and the best durum wheat semolina, to give life to a dough that is worked with bronze dies and slow drying methods at low temperatures. A method that allows to preserve the nutritional values ​​and that delicate taste but with a "tenacious heart" much appreciated by connoisseurs and chefs from all over the world.

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